Get ready, Blanch.

Drone delivery is coming to your community.

Be one of the first.

Apply to our Early Adopter Program in the app and be one of the first to try Manna in the wider Blanchardstown area.

Manna is now available in Balbriggan, Ireland.


Delivered within
3 minutes

Get coffee, food, medical supplies and more delivered to your door instantly.

Own a business in Blanchardstown?

Deliver your products to the Blanchardstown community today with Manna Drone Delivery


Why Drone Delivery


On average, we deliver within 3 minutes, offering you more freedom, more time, and more peace of mind


No delivery drivers means less cars on the road, resulting in less accidents


Our all-electric drones are zero-emission, so you can feel confident about sustainable shopping


When delivering, our drones ascend high in the sky resulting in less noise pollution than cars on the ground

Private by Design

Our aircraft respect your privacy and we record no video, nor store any sensitive customer data. All orders are enclosed within private packaging and delivered straight to your door.