Frequently Asked Questions

How does your drone delivery service work?

Once an order is placed, our drones take off from our delivery hub and fly at 60 km/h at a height between 50-65m (165-215ft) above ground level (AGL) to our customer’s gardens. Our drone then descends to a height of 15m (50ft) above the ground, and gently lowers the package on a tether before returning back to our hub. We’re able to deliver very delicate products, like fresh eggs, with ease!

How far can you fly?

The drone has an optimal operating distance of ~3 miles (5km) , and a maximum range of 10 miles (16 km).

How much can you deliver?

We deliver packages that are about the size of a grocery basket from your local convenience store.

Can you deliver in the wind and rain?

We fly in the vast majority of weather conditions - which is the advantage of being a company that started its operations in Ireland which has some of the more challenging weather in Europe!

Can I get drone delivery?

Download the Manna Drone Delivery app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and input your address to see if we’re delivering to your neighborhood. We’re always looking for new communities to deliver to, so please contact us at if you want us to fly to your neighborhood!

Is the drone noisy?

We have designed our aircraft from the ground-up to have a sound profile that blends in with the urban environment. Our drones fly between 50-65m (165-215ft) above ground level (AGL). When the drone is making a delivery, it lowers to a height of 15m (50ft), and even at this altitude, the sound signature is similar to that of passing traffic, and only for 40 seconds, while we deliver your order!

Is Manna's service safe?

Manna has successfully conducted over 150,000 delivery flights in Europe. We operate with the highest regulatory approvals granted to any drone delivery company in Europe. In the extremely unlikely event of an incident, Manna’s drone is equipped with multiple, redundant safety systems, including a parachute that will automatically deploy and bring the aircraft gently to the ground.  Additionally, aircraft dispatchers are overseeing all operations and can take control of the aircraft if required.

Is there a camera on the drone, and does it record?

We have a low-resolution downward facing camera on the aircraft which is used to ensure the delivery area is safe & clear of any obstacles and people. The cameras focal width/length is very narrow and the view is focused on our customers delivery spot. There are no video recordings captured at any time during the flight.

How do I stop receiving SMS messages from Manna?

Please request this via our chat feature on the Manna Drone Delivery app by tapping on Menu > Support.